Job Vacancy – Psychological Support Consultant

Employer: Caesar Families Association
Vacancy code: PSY003
Place of work: Online
Unit-Department: Communication department
No. of positions available: 2
Type of contract and duration: 5 Months starting from 1/07/2024
Employer profile:
We are a group of families that have lost loved ones under torture, our loved ones became the victims of forced disappearance in the Syrian regime’s prisons. We identified our relatives in the Ceasar photos which were leaked from the Syrian regime detention centres. We’ve been working together since February 2018 in Berlin to establish the Caesars Families Association (CFA). CFA aims to unify our voices, demanding truth, justice, and restitution for the victims of torture and forced disappearance in Syria.
Roles and responsibilities:
Conduct comprehensive psychological assessments to identify the needs of the victims.
Design and implement customized psychological treatment plans for each case.
Provide individual and group counseling sessions using appropriate therapeutic techniques, including 12 group sessions and 30 individual sessions.
Work on building adaptation and recovery skills for the victims.
Communicate with other specialists to ensure the provision of integrated care.
Prepare reports and accurate document patient cases in English.
Skills and Experience:
Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology or a related field.
At least 3 years of experience in psychological support and mental health.
Deep knowledge of theories and practices of psychotherapy.
Excellent communication skills and the ability to handle difficult situations.
Ability to work independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team.
Proficient in English and capable of writing reports in English skillfully.
Terms and regulations:
Have a laptop.
Have a rapid internet connection.
Have a European bank account or have the ability to receive money through a European bank account.
Provide a financial quotation for providing individual and group counseling sessions using appropriate therapeutic techniques, including 12 group sessions and 30 one-to-one sessions.
How to apply:
Applications must be applied via this Kobo link.
The CV must include the full contact information, previous experiences with professional references, and academic qualifications. The CV must be in PDF with the full name of the applicant in the title.
Any application received after the deadline will be rejected.
CVs will be reviewed after the deadline of submission, and only the shortlisted will be called for interviews. We apologize for not sending replies to all.