Mohammad Jaber Qanbar

Written by Caesar Families Association member (Ibrahim Qanbar) on the anniversary of his father’s arrest, the martyr (Mohammad Jaber Qanbar):

On June 25, 2013, the hands of injustice and repression snatched our beloved father, Mohammad Jaber Qanbar, from us. Born in 1962, He dedicated his journalism career to using his pen to convey the truth and expose corruption. However, the Syrian regime could not tolerate the voice of truth, leading to a tragic end.

Under the cover of night, military security forces stormed our home and arrested our father from among us. That night began a nightmare from which we have yet to awaken. Ten days after his arrest, we received devastating news that he had been tortured to death in the infamous Branch 227 dungeons. The horrifying images that appeared among Caesar’s photos left no doubt about the suffering he endured.

His loss was not just the loss of a dear person, but a shock that shook the very core of our family. As members of the Caesar Families Association, we feel the pain of separation and live daily with the memory of our father, who was a symbol of courage and dedication to us. I joined the Caesar Families Association to monitor violations and document the war crimes committed in Syria.

We work with determination and persistence to achieve justice and accountability, so that these crimes do not go unpunished. We strive to make the voices of the victims heard and urge the international community to take action.

The memory of our father, Mohammad Jaber Qanbar, remains alive in our hearts. We want everyone to remember him as a brave journalist who refused to compromise his principles and paid with his life for it. We hope for the day when we see justice served, not only for our father but for all those who lost their lives under this brutal regime.

May God have mercy on our Father and all the martyrs of freedom. We will remain steadfast in our commitment until what they sacrificed for is achieved.