Due to the technical problems we have encountered in receiving quotations, we are here reposting the announcement to allow interested parties to apply, please inform us when you encounter technical problems by communicating with one of the emails mentioned within the announcement.


The Truth and Justice Charter (TJC) group seeks to carry out a promotion campaign with the aim of pressing towards raising the level of participation of families of missing persons and survivors in advancing work on the file of detainees and forcibly disappeared persons in Syria

For this purpose, the Caesar Families Association (CFA) is looking for a “company/organisation” to coordinate, plan, follow up on implementation, and organise a virtual seminar, according to the following details:

Coordination tasks:

  • Organising 2 meetings attended by representatives of the TJC group.
  • Follow-up with the TJC group to publish on the digital platforms of the five associations.
  • Handover all designs and pictures, without exception, produced and worked on for the project over to the administration of the CFA.
  • Photographing the public posts and all visual and video evidence that confirm the activities and the involvement of the TJC group in them.
  • Submit a final report in English to the administration of the CFA (2-3 pages)

Planning and design tasks:

  • Prepare and develop the advocacy campaign plan according to the vision of the representatives of the TJC group (including organising an online workshop attended by representatives of the group).
  • Follow-up with representatives of the TJC group to obtain their evaluation of the plan and their comments on it to be included in the plan.

Campaign implementation tasks:

  • Production of two video-visual products (one in Arabic and the other in English) in a motion graphic format that includes a voiceover (an Arabic model and an English model), in addition to designing 12 infographics designs, and it is required that the visual products be compatible with the general identity of the campaign products in TJC Group. (See below regarding the financial offer), and this includes amendments (twice) required from representatives of TJC Group.
  • Promote visual and video products on TJC Group’s platforms in cooperation with the group’s representatives.
  • Organise a virtual seminar (webinar), including simultaneous translation from and into Arabic and English, in the presence of at least 100 people from the parties proposed by the Truth and Justice Charter group (the main audience must be the Syrian public in general).
  • Coordinate with TJC group representatives to ensure live broadcasting and/or publishing the recording on TJC group platforms.

Communication process: It is required that the communication process between the implementing agency and all partners and entities associated with this project be carried out using a special email run by CFA which will be created for this purpose.

Campaign implementation period: The campaign must be implemented during May and June 2022, with all its contents except for the reporting process.

All of the above activities/tasks are done in Arabic except for what has been noted to the contrary

Required Documents

Proof of work on similar projects including:

  • Previous experience in designing and planning at least 2 online campaigns, in coordination with at least 2 entities, including photos from the campaign and proof that the entity carried out the planning process itself. It is not required that the entities be Syrian, but the names of these entities are required to be mentioned in the offer.
  • At least two examples from previous work include the names of the parties that have been worked with.

Financial offer includes

  • Comprehensive costs for each process: coordination, planning, and Photoshop designs
  • Separate costs for video article production


remotely, online

Evaluation Criteria

  • Relevancy of the applicant’s experience and their carrying out similar activities (50%). (The coordinating factor with several agencies is included as an aid in raising the level of evaluation)
  • Work experience in Arabic and English (20%)
  • Financial offer (30%).
  • The speed of response and sending of the financial offer is a positive factor, as an additional mark is added to the first responders of the advertisement.


Offers must be submitted in Arabic or English by e-mail only (with attachments) to the two e-mail addresses in the table below, writing the following in the subject of the letter: Advocacy Campaign – Truth and Justice Charter.

The applicant must be a company and not a specific individual. Individuals are considered companies if their official registration in the country of residence allows them to work as a company, and a tax number is required.

Offers addressed to another email address or without attachments will be rejected. We also encourage those interested to send us your questions for any clarifications prior to submitting the proposed quote.


Deadline for submission of tenders/offers 16 May 2022 at 12:00 (Berlin time)
Email for submission of tenders/offers [email protected] and [email protected]
Email for questions [email protected] and [email protected]
Contract duration Until complete execution of the obligations of the parties
Expected starting date of execution 19 May 2022