The Hippocratic oath, which doctors usually swear before they practice medicine, aims to follow ethical rules that the doctor must keep. It is to swear by God to preserve human life in all its roles, and in all circumstances and conditions, striving to save it from destruction, disease, and anxiety, and to preserve and preserve the dignity of people. At the end of his oath, God bears witness to him.

Doctor Alaa Musa swore to save human life and preserve his dignity, but his oath was ink on paper. On the contrary, he was a waste of human dignity, by torturing him to death, as if he was not a doctor, but a butcher.


On the other hand, there are doctors, who paid their lives for their oath, either by killing or by imprisonment and torture in Assad’s prisons, some of whose pictures appeared among the pictures leaked by Caesar. Among them is Dr. Radwan Burhan, the pediatrician, who never differentiated between one child and another, regardless of his father’s orientation and affiliation, and Dr. Ayham Ghazul, the dentist who was arrested by the falsely called the Student Union and there are others

Today, Alaa M. is on trial in Frankfurt, for violating the oath he took. This trial holds privacy for the medical staff. Some were brutally murdered and martyred under torture. The same torture was carried out by their colleague, the criminal doctor Alaa M., which he practiced on the detainees, and their pictures appeared in the Caesar photographs.
While the fate of many doctors and members of the medical staff remains unaccounted for.
Alaa’s trial should not stop at this point. It should be interspersed with a reminder of the sacrifices of all those who practiced this noble profession and whose fate is still unknown. Let us raise our voices, demanding to know the truth and the fate of those who were hidden by the regime, and we demand the rescue of those who are still alive.

and that’s why we chose the way of truth and justice charter.


written by :
Mariam Hallaq the mother of the martyr of Dr. Ayham Ghazzoul
Thawra Kordia the wife of the Martyr Dr. Burhan Radwanw