Every year, 24 March, dedicated to the right to know the truth about gross violations of human rights and the dignity of victims was enshrined.

On this day, we would like to remind the international community that the demands of Syrians in general and the families of detainees, in particular, have always begun to release the detainees and to reveal the truth about their fate.
We affirm in the Association of Caesar Families that our continuing demands, which have been placed in the #Truth_And_Justice_Charter, that we see no way to know the truth about the fate of the detainees in Syria except through an international, impartial, and independent mechanism, which can urgently work to uncover the fate of the disappeared and the absent.  It has a profound impact on Syrian society and today extends to tens of thousands of families of detainees and detainees, families of victims of detainees, and disappeared persons who are also direct victims.

We must not forget the degrading and abusive conditions of detention, which make the forcibly disappeared at any moment vulnerable to death, as is the case with those missing in the Caesars Families Association. This places the international will before a historic responsibility to press for solutions to the immediate end of enforced disappearances by all parties and to hand over lists of detainees and documents relating to their disappearance/ they if any, and their places of detention to international bodies and specialized international organizations, particularly the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the impartial and independent international organization on Syria IIIM

We reiterate the demand for the extradition of the remains of those who died as a result of the circumstances of enforced disappearance and detention, and that it is a demand of the president, revealing the truth of the circumstances of their deaths and locating the remains of those executed or killed under torture and abusive treatment, as all parties must stop tampering with mass graves and distort evidence, and affirm our refusal to consider the delivery of the death certificate as evidence to reveal the fate of the disappeared/forcibly disappeared. We also stress legal considerations that the delivery of death certificates by the Government of the regime is only evidence of his responsibility for the crime.

We return and confirm that we are in the Association of the Caesar family, and as the people of the detainees and the forcibly disappeared, we do not see peace-building possible in Syria, unless the truth is known.  To follow the path of universal justice to obtain the rights of those forcibly concealed and their families first.