Where are they?! State terrorism will not happen again

This was the title of the silent march in which thousands of people took to the streets of Montevideo to denounce the crimes of the military dictatorship that took place in Uruguay (1973-1985).

Relatives of those who have been forcibly disappeared marched silently, holding banners with pictures of their loved ones, demanding truth, memory, and justice.

The March of Silence was held in 1996, and continues to this day.
Mothers and relatives of detainees and disappeared persons in Uruguay
organized yesterday’s march 18/5 in more than 70 districts across the country held 20/5.

Michelin’s son-in-law, Raoul Polo, said: “The March of Silence survives to commemorate what happened in the 1970s that must never happen again.”

Congresswoman Veronica Mato, of the Front Amplio party, daughter of Miguel Angel Mato, who disappeared in Montevideo in 1982, highlighted the “popular roots” of the march, saying:

“This march has something essential, that it was built by the people and not decided by any government, nor by any law, it was built by the Uruguayan people to know the location of the disappeared, “so that they tell us where they are”. This was the title of the silent march.