Vacancy code/ Stellencode: PM002

Application deadline/ Bewerbungsschluss: Until 29/05/2022

Announcement date/ Datum der Bekanntmachung:20/05/2022

Place of work/ Arbeitsplatz: Online

Employer/Arbeitgeber*in: Caesars Families Association (CFA).

Employer profile/ Arbeitgeberprofil: We are a group of families that have lost loved ones under torture, the victims of forced disappearance in the Syrian regime’s prisons. We identified our relatives in the Ceasar photos which were leaked from the Syrian regime detention centres. We’ve been working together since February 2018 in Berlin to establish the Caesars Families Association (CFA). CFA aims to unify our voices, demanding the truth, justice, and restitution for the victims of torture and forced disappearance in Syria.

Unit-Department/ Abteilung: Managment

Job title/ Stellenbezeichnung: Program Manager

No. of positions available/ Anzahl der verfügbaren Positionen: one

Type of contract and duration/ Vertragsart und Laufzeit: One year extendable

Roles and responsibilities/ Funktionen und Verantwortlichkeiten:

● Develop project plans and implementation plans in coordination with the Board of Directors and under their supervision, and follow up on setting budgets in coordination with the Finance Department.
● Preparing grant applications in coordination with the Operations Manager in accordance with the Association’s policies and authority tables.
● Communicate with donors in coordination with the Board of Directors and ensure that the necessary human and financial resources are secured to complete projects in coordination with the association’s executive team.
● Managing and organizing operations between the association’s departments in order to implement projects and achieve balance and harmony between departments in order to implement work plans in a timely manner and with the best results.
● Follow-up and coordination with department managers to ensure the progress of work and the achievement of long-term and short-term goals in the most appropriate manner.
● Follow up or delegate someone to follow up on the points agreed upon in the meetings until they are fully achieved.
● Reviewing the team’s monthly reports and following up the evaluation of projects and their workers in coordination with team members to ensure the team’s commitment to the association’s plans and projects.
● Writing narrative reports, reviewing and auditing financial reports directed to donors in accordance with official contracts, and responding to donor requests in accordance with the directives of the Board of Directors and in coordination with the President of the Association.
● Presenting a professional image of the association’s work in internal and external forums and meetings.
● Commitment to implement the activities decided by the Board of Directors within the budget of the Association and to cooperate with the Director of Operations regarding any modification related to a change in the course of operations and activities that are sought to be implemented.
● Compliance with the rules of information security, people in the Caesar Families Association, and other parties assisting in the implementation of activities.
● Other duties assigned to him by the president of the association or the board of directors.


Competencies/ Kompetenzen
Skills and Experience/ Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen

● Work experience of not less than one year as a project manager or similar roles.
● Experience in working with organizations working in the field of human rights, especially Syrian ones.
● Experience with basic programs from Microsoft, Google, Zoom, and excellent writing skills in Arabic and English are required.
● Priority is given to survivors and families of victims of enforced disappearance in Syria.




How to apply/ Wie bewerbe ich mich:

  • The CV must include contact information (telephone number, Skype address), previous experiences with professional references, academic qualifications
    Der Lebenslauf muss Kontaktinformationen (Telefonnummer, Skype-Adresse), frühere Erfahrungen mit beruflichen Referenzen und akademische Qualifikationen enthalten
  • CV must be in PDF with the full name of the applicant in the title
    Der Lebenslauf muss als PDF mit dem vollständigen Namen der*des Bewerberin*Bewerbers im Titel vorliegen
  • Applications must be sent via email to with the name of the vacancy in the email subject
    Bewerbungen müssen per E-Mail mit dem Titel der offenen Stelle im Betreff an gesendet werden.
  • Any application received after the deadline will be rejected.
    Jede Bewerbung, die nach Ablauf der Frist eingeht, wird abgelehnt.
  • CVs will be reviewed after the deadline of submission, and only the shortlisted will be called for interviews. We apologize for not sending replies to all.
    Lebensläufe werden nach Ablauf der Bewerbungsfrist überprüft. Nur die Bewerber*innen, die in die engere Auswahl kommen, werden zu Vorstellungsgesprächen eingeladen. Wir entschuldigen uns dafür, dass wir nicht allen Bewerber*innen antworten können.

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