Icchiku Yamada has started a hunger strike before the Russian Embassy in Berlin, demanding justice for victims of detention in the prisons of the Syrian regime.



In solidarity with the detainees and forcibly disappeared in Syrian prisons, and an attempt to shift the world’s attention to their continuous suffering for nearly ten years, Yamada, a researcher in matters of genocide against civilians in Syria and the founder of “Stand with Syria Japan – SSJ”, started a hunger strike on Wednesday 28 October 2020 that is ongoing for four days.

Caesar Families Association, Families for Freedom, Jawab Organization and The Day After Organization are also taking part in Yamada’s hunger strike.

Yamada also confirmed in his statement and invitation of this hunger strike that this stand is considered a luxury in comparison to what detainees and the disappeared are suffering inside the regime’s prisons. He also called for Legal prosecution of perpetrators.

It is worth mentioning that Yamada’s stand is not the first of its kind, yet one of the several activities he had adopted and shared including the “Ibra wo Khet” project aiming to help Syrian refugee women to sell and promote their hand-made projects through delivering them to the markets of Berlin.

The hunger strike in front of the Russian embassy is ongoing in Berlin due to Russia’s role, influence and direct involvement in the current political and military context in Syria.

Participants of the hunger strike are demonstrating photos of Syrian detainees that are wreathed with flowers and candles.

“We need your support now more than ever to make the world listen to what is happening in Syria, and to achieve justice for all the Syrian people” is what Yamada stated in his hunger strike and repeated everyday with hope that the world would wake up and respond.

Yamada also participated in the solidarity stand held by the Caesar Families Association in the German city of Hof during the International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearance.