In every girl’s life, there is a man who is her knight that she compares with all the men of the world, and she does not find anyone like him. This is how my father “Hasan” was.

We used to live a quiet life before that fate came and turned our lives upside down from bliss to misery. While we were living as young children in a nook that protects us and a bosom that shelters us, we turned, in the blink of an eye, into old children because we lost that great nook and the merciful bosom.

It was on 3/15/2013, at the moment of sunset. As if it was written in our fate that our hopes, joys, and wishes will disappear with the sunset of that day.

A history that will never be erased from my mind is when the “Shabiha” broke into our house brutally. They broke, destroyed, burned, and stole everything in our house.

They stole our lives.

They tried to search for something to find against us but they themselves did not know exactly what they were searching for; they terrorized us with weapons; beated my father and my brother, handcuffed them and, covered their eyes with a black blindfold. Later on, they placed us in a room’s corner and arrested my father and my brother after their pure blood was spilled to extinguish the fire of tyrants. And they kindle the fire in our hearts after they took our father, our safety, and peace from us.

After the arrest of my father, the entire world abandoned us, so we became refugees in our land and country, without support, shelter, or breadwinner. Only one alley in which we stayed for 3 nights sheltered us.

My father worked as a public transport bus driver, and he was trying to secure all that we needed, and drive us to achieve our dreams with education. For this reason, I missed my father when I received my high school diploma. I imagined his joy and his pride in me; I imagined how proud he would have been of his daughter, who received her degree. Unfortunately, my degree was not the only certificate that I received during that period. I received my brother’s death certificate and I wished my father had been there to relieve our pain.

I could not stand helpless and I took a pledge to myself to the last breath in my life that I will continue to demand the right of my father because he was oppressed, killed, and tortured unjustly; and the rights of all those who died in the prisons of the unjust regime because we hold the same cause, like one body and If one of us complains, the rest of us should support.

We ask those who care about justice to advocate for release of the rest of the detainees, so they do not face the same fate. We ask them for a fair trial for the criminals who deprived us of our loved ones, and for ensuring the rights of the families of the martyrs, the disappeared, and the missing ones.

For this sake, I hastened to join the association of Caesar families, to add my voice to their voices and my struggle to their struggles.