Today, the third Tuesday of September happens to be the day UN named in 1981 as International Day Of Peace, a day dedicated to victims of war and violence and especially for the absence because of it. Syrians, as one of the nations who were exposed to violence and war, did suffer for a decade from all these types of violence, standing all that time to witness all types of oppression, violence, and torture. Today, the number of those who were forcibly disappeared alone exceeds 100 thousand, yet their fate is still unknown.

We as Caesar Families committee, emphasize the fact that Peace the world longing for in the future of Syria should start with the reveal of the fate of all forcibly disappeared, releasing all the detainees, and take accountability measures against the factors commits violations. On this basis, we do affirm that our standstill where we see that National and international committees and organizations should take their responsibility toward the Syrian matter, putting it in their priorities so we can reach sustainable peace and justice, and that road to peace not even possible without holding perpetrators and war crimes actors accountable.

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