the Association of Caesar Families signed a joint statement with a group of Syrian human rights organizations, the statement came after the media circulated during past few days the news of the re-cooperation between Interpol and the Syrian government, which was confirmed by the Interpol organization through the statement of its information office, allowing Syrian security authorities access to the database in the network of the organization and communicate with member states of the organization individually and the restoration of the Syrian office’s powers in general.

The statement noted that the decision is of concern and poses a real threat to both Syrians and Syrian women in general and those living outside Syria in particular because it has an impact on their safety/freedom/n. The statement noted the regime’s ability to exploit its current presence in the Interpol group network in a number of ways, including by not recognizing the presence of political opponents, activists, activists, or media personnel.  In particular, the Government of Damascus has already acted as terrorists, in addition to bringing cases against not a few of them in the Syrian Terrorism Court under the same description, which included even aid workers and humanitarian workers in Many cases.

The statement also drew attention to the issue of the regime’s use of red notes as one of the means of putting pressure on some Syrians abroad, and the possibility of using the mechanism in the Interpol network after the filing of local courts in absentia against them/them and then claiming them/n legally.

It is worth mentioning that the Assad regime has already issued thousands of judgments in absentia against thousands of Syrians under many names and charges, all of which revolve around their political, relief, and human rights activities opposed to the Government of Damascus, and it should be noted that the regime also tried to use the same terms and put them in the meetings of the negotiating committee of the Constitutional Committee, justifying that it is important to put provisions on “terrorism” in the proposals of the Constitution in the sixth session of negotiations that took place last month.

Signed organizations:

The Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Research brings
together Ahrar Horan,
the Syrian women’s lobby association of the Families of
ClearCenter for
Human Rights
with Justice,
the homeland of the Syrian
Women’s Committee in Rihaniyah,
brings together Syrian lawyers
the Al-Koubaki Center for Transitional Justice and Human Rights
Empionte Watch,
adopting the revolution of the Syrian

women’s political movement Women For Development Campaign
for SyriaFamilies for Freedom Syrian Network
Human RightsOffice for Local Development and Support for
Small BusinessSyrian Center for Media and Freedom
of ExpressionStatement Link for