Is the dream turned into a nightmare!


The Organization of (Saiedat Syria), in cooperation with the German Society of (zusamenwachsen) in Berlin, organized the eighth symposium of the Cultural Forum for Advocacy and Change under the title of (Scenarios for return to Syria Live Testimonies) under the management of:

Dr. Laila Al-Atrash.

Journalist Yahya Al-Awsi.

The session was opened with a brief presentation about the living conditions and security situation in Syria before and after the blessed revolution started in 2011. Mrs. Maryam Al Hallak, the chairwoman of the board of the Caesar Families Association (CFA) attended the meeting  along with a number of Syrian refugees in Berlin who represent different associations and organisations. They told their own stories alternately, noting the repercussions of returning to Syria at the present time.

Mrs. Al Hallak spoke about the detention story of her son, Dr. Ayham, who was arrested In Damascus University during official working hours by members of the Union of Syria’s Students (Ashraf Saleh, Iyad Talab, Ali Khair Bey, Siwar Nader ) who were able to bully and suppress the students drawing strength from their parents who are chiefs of security branches. Thus, they managed to turn the student union into a mini security centre through which they committed abuse, detention, and torture that led Ayham and many other students to die. Those students had no guilt but rising voices up for freedom and demanding change.

Commenting on the topic of the return to Syria, Mrs. Al Hallak said ‘’How would I come back to Syria? How Would I live where the killers of my son are still living with impunity, let alone, dominating everything in Syria! how could I come to terms with their existence getting out and about or letting them commit atrocities against our youth?!  For me that is intolerable.’’

On contrary, Mrs. (Fadwa Mahmoud), the representative of the Families for Freedom Movement (FFF), the wife of the most famous political detainee under the regime of Hafez al-Assad (Abdel Aziz al-Khair) and the mother of the guy Iyad, who is detained by Bashar al-Assad’s forces, she said:” The revolution is not a spur of  the moment; it is the result of repressive practices that have been continuing from the time of Alassad the father until now. It is the result of the injustice that the Syrians experienced. The legacy of the Al-Assad family, which they pass on from generation to generation. At the rule-time of Hafez Al-Assad, my husband was arrested because he had disagreed with Hafez Al-Assad and his repressive policies. Up to this moment, he is still in their prison then my son Iyad has joined his father. How could I return to Syria which is still suffering under the weight of the unjust regime of uttermost power ever exists? How could I return while I still do not know the destiny of my husband and son? I will likely return to the prison where I have stayed for two and a half years before.’’

Muhammad Malak (Editor-in-Chief of Saiedet Souria magazine) spoke of Northern Syria and the sufferings have long affected and are still inflicting the youngsters as the fate of the guys who were arrested by the Assad forces and other armed factions is unknown up to now . “How would we return and why? Would we return in order to increase the number of those who die under torture? ” he remarked

Mr. Muhammad Al-Tris (representative of Syrian Association for Citizens’  Dignity), concerned with the identification of properties that the Syrian regime stole and seized from their owners, especially those who are under arrest. He also participated in the symposium telling his story to say at the end:

“How would we return, meanwhile many of us have become homeless, deprived of shelters and possessions, Since these thieves stripped us of them?!”

Well! Does the dream of our return to Syria change into a nightmare accompanying us, or is it a dream looming afar in front of our eyes that we must grasp it from the claws of the Syrian regime, unwillingly or willingly?!.

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