Announcement of Facial Recognition Software Enhancement Technician

Announcement code: Software_update_01

Announcement date: 12/02/2024

Receiving applications end in 23/02/2024

About us:

Caesar Families Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to demanding truth, justice, and restitution for the victims of torture and forced disappearance in Syria and supporting the families of victims who were tortured and imprisoned in Syrian regime detention centers and who have appeared in Caesar photos. 

Contract type: Fixed Amount Award.

Contract duration: to the end of April 2024

Mission description:

CFA is utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) facial recognition service (Amazon Rekognition), to help identify victims from the “Caesar photos.” The software currently stores 6000 images of victims. It assists families in finding their loved ones by comparing photos before and after torture, using advanced algorithms even when facial features have changed.

Caesar Families Association seeks a highly skilled and motivated Software Enhancement Technician to temporarily join our team. In this role, you will collaborate closely with our documentation department to assess and improve the performance of our existing facial recognition software, which utilizes Amazon Rekognition. Your primary responsibilities will involve testing the current software, identifying areas for enhancement, and implementing new features to enhance the quality and accuracy of our facial recognition system.

Key responsibilities:

  • Thoroughly review all previous reports and recommendations submitted by technicians who have worked on CFA software enhancement. Extract valuable insights and lessons learned from these reports to inform your enhancements.
  • Application Framework: Determine and implement the best application framework to facilitate the seamless integration of facial recognition algorithms and user interfaces.
  • Image Processing: Develop modules for image preprocessing to standardize and optimize images for recognition, addressing variations in lighting, orientation, and scaling. 
  • Suggest programs that can retouch and improve low-resolution Caesar photos  
  • Facial Recognition Algorithm: Implement a state-of-the-art and approved facial recognition algorithm that can efficiently compare the source image with the target images in the database and provide a reliable match.
  • Performance & Accuracy: Ensure the system operates with high accuracy and performance, aiming for minimal false positives and negatives. Recognize that the comparison is always 1 vs. 6,000, and each image may bring different results.
  • System Integration: Seamlessly integrate the facial recognition modules with the data storage backend and the user interface.
  • Testing: Perform comprehensive testing, including unit, system, load testing, and user acceptance testing, to ensure overall system reliability and usability.
  • Quality Assurance: Regularly check for accuracy and performance of the facial recognition system to meet or exceed predetermined benchmarks (bidder to include the benchmark within the submitted offer for the scope of works).


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in facial recognition software development and enhancement.
  • Strong programming skills, particularly in languages such as Python, C++, or Java.
  • Preferably familiarity with Amazon Rekognition or similar facial recognition technologies.
  • Experience with image processing, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms.
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Strong communication and collaboration abilities.
  • Commitment to the mission and values of the Caesar Families Association.

Note: The use of facial recognition technology raises important privacy and ethical considerations. It is crucial to adhere to all relevant privacy regulations and ethical standards when working on such technology, especially in cases involving sensitive data like the Caesar photos.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their applications which include their resumes / their team’s resumes & the technical and financial offer, to [email protected] by the application deadline of 23/02/2024. Please include “Software_update” in the subject line of your email.

In case the applicant wants to inquire about some more details, please contact the above-mentioned email address with the point you want to request more information about.

Evaluation criteria and selection of the company, programmer, or specialized technician:

  • Completing the experience and skills required to fully develop the technology used.
  • The Ability to receive the contract amount exclusively through the bank.
  • The time required to develop the technology used and the opportunity to obtain technical support for one year after completion of development.