The Founding Meeting

As several families identified their loved ones in the Caesar photos, they joined each other in Berlin in the year 2018 in order to set the corner stone of the establishment of an association of the families of the victims who appeared in the Caesar Photos. This was the first step in their strive to justice, accountability and fighting impunity.

During the founding meeting, the families sat their goals and the foundations necessary for the next phase of official registration of the association.


The goals of Caesar Families Association are:

  • Work to retrieve the remains of the victims’ bodies in order to ensure burials that respect human dignity and families’ rituals.
  • Secure psychological and legal support to the families of victims and help them overcome the repercussions of these crimes.
  • Guarantee the rights of victims and their families, memorialize the victims, and restore their dignity.
  • Contribute to the release of detainees, the forcefully disappeared, the kidnapped, and pressure for the disclosure of the whereabouts of the missing.
  • Work to end impunity and strive for the establishment of a special court for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
  • Support a transitional justice process based on fairness and accountability.