Passing the Law 589

The criminalization of enforced disappearance has been pushed on through hunger strikes, marches, sit-ins and dialogue with congressmen from different government periods. It was a difficult work due to the indifference of the political class before the tragedy suffered by the families of the disappeared persons whose numbers increased every day, and the alarming impunity with regard to the cases that occurred. After twelve years of fight, July 10, 2000 finally witnessed the passing of law 589.

It is certainly important to note that the fight, resistance and persistence of the families to bring truth to light, achieve justice and recover the memory, for more than 25 years, has been the object of accusations, harassment, persecution and threats, trying to silence them and to stop them from their pursuit to destroy the enemies of life, freedom and justice who abducted those who organized themselves to denounce and demand the appearance of their loved ones alive and the punishment of those responsible. Such as what happened to the members of ASFADDES Angel Jose Quintero and Claudia patricia Monsalve, detained – disappeared on October 6, 2000 in the city of Medellín, and to people who have accompanied and supported this fight such as the lawyers Alirio de Jesús Pedraza Becerra who disappeared on July 4, 1990 in Bogotá and Eduardo Umaña Mendoza, murdered on 18 April in Bogotá.