1996: creation of the association

The Association works with members in most of the cantons in the Federation of BiH (Sarajevo, Zenica-Doboj, Tuzla), in the smaller BiH entity, Republika Srpska, as well as the Diaspora.

The main reason for the establishment of the Association was due to the desire and needs of the mothers to directly participate in finding out about the fate of those that have disappeared in July of 1995; as well as those that have disappeared in the period between 1992 and 1995 in the regions of Srebrenica, Žepa, Han Pijesak, Rogatica,Vlasenica, Bratunac, Zvornik, Sokolac, Višegrad and Foča. Over the time, the Association’s mission has evolved to include a number of other activities, ranging from their participation in the process of postmortem exhumation, the identification process and burial of victims; to dealing with economic, social, and health issues, as well as education of children of its members.