On 01.07.2020 & 02-07.2020, a solidarity stand was held in front of the German court of KOBLENZ. There, where two former officials of the Security Service of the Syrian regime are accused of crimes against humanity. Caesar Families Association represented by Mrs. Mariam ALHALLAK, with the participation of the Families for Freedom movement  held this solidarity stand, expressing the importance of this trial in achieving justice for the victims of detention and enforced disappearance in Syria, and a warning to perpetrators of violations and crimes against humanity there.

The stand witnessed an artwork created by by artist KHALED BARAKA, who personified the victims with statues in front of the court holding a trumpet and raising a loud voice, demanding their right to hold those responsible for these crimes accountable.

In KOBLENZ, Colonel (ANWAR RASLAN), the former official of Intelligence Branch 251 known as the (ALKHATEEB Security Department) branch of the General Intelligence Department, who is accused of rape and sexual violence, is being tried for 4,000 people, 58 detainees were killed under torture between April 2011 to August – September 2012.

Besides that, the trial of ( IYAD GHARIB) the official of the security apparatus, who was in charge of detaining the demonstrators, is also being tried on charges related to aiding torture and murder, which resulted in the death of thousands of detainees who were arrested or forcibly disappeared.

The prosecution of criminals in KOBLENZ may play a decisive role in combating impunity, and it also serves as an important reminder of the need for the international community to do more to ensure accountability for the horrific atrocities caused by the Syrian conflict, despite the vast spatial dimension that separates them from the place of these crimes. According to universal jurisdiction.

According to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, past experience in many countries shows that a fair and effective exercise of universal jurisdiction is achievable when there is a correct mix of appropriate laws, adequate resources, and institutional commitment such as ad hoc war crime units and political will; and is an important part of international efforts to hold accountability. Those responsible for violations, crimes against humanity in Syria, providing justice for victims, and deterring future crimes, especially in light of Russia and China obstructing efforts in the SECURITY COUNCIL to refer the Syrian file to the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT.

What is “Universal Jurisdiction”?

It is one of the primary tools to ensure that violations of international humanitarian law are prevented and punished if they are committed through the imposition of criminal sanctions. States parties to it are obligated to track down suspected perpetrators of grave breaches (war crimes), regardless of their nationalities and the location of the alleged crime, and to bring them to their courts or extradite them to another state that is a party to the agreements.