Ghufran Khuwlani, a member of the Caesar Families Association, met with Mr. Charlie Flanagan, a member of the Irish Foreign Affairs Committee. The discussion between both revolved around the importance of shedding light on the issue of detainees in the Security Council, the mechanisms for this, and the need to taking it into account.

In this case, both Mr. Charlie and Ghufran discussed the importance of the Detainees issue. emphasizing that it is a central matter that affects all Syrian families today. The discussion also included the pressures that Syrians face in Lebanon, especially the risks that any Syrians might face here in the event of returning to Syria, A risk might lead to a possible arrest and facing torture.

after the meeting, Mr. Charlie tweeted about his feelings by meeting Ghufran , and the discussion about the detainees. adding “Thousand of detainees have been tortured in Syrian prisons since the beginning of the Arab Spring. As he added that Ireland and the international community should investigate the fate of the forcibly disappeared and put more pressure on the regime to allow the visits to those who remained alive.”

The current member of Parliament, foreign and defense affairs official, Mr. Charlie Flanagan, emphasized in his statements many times the support of the Syrians, showing a great role in welcoming the Syrian refugees in Ireland, Also considered one of the biggest actors by stressing that the role of the regime’s government in the displacement and displacement of over 13.4 million, and stressed In many international meetings, the role of the international community and its responsibility to fully comply after ten years of the severe crisis suffered by the Syrian people.

“Simply left to die” was the sentence in which Mr. Flanagan began his speech in 2016 in the Security Council, when he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, referring at the time to the state of siege applied to many Syrian regions, especially Aleppo, as it was in the most escalating situation, as Mr. Flanagan emphasized In his statement, that only solution is for the international community to unite and reach a clear message and not tolerate discrimination and indiscriminate killing with all the deadly weapons that civilians face.